Nintendo 64

In this episode of Doghair Presents, Ross informs Rory about the much beloved home vidja game console, Ninetendo 64.

Also, if you can please spare a bit of money and sponser Rory running the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon in aid of Parkinson's UK. Here's a link for that thing I just said:

Bigfoot (featuring Ralph Attanasia)

In this episode of Doghair Presents Rory and Ross are joined by the fantastic Ralph A. Attanasia III from Cake Boss to talk about Bigfoot! 
He is also hear to tell you all about what he's doing to help raise funds for the Make A Wish Foundation. If you want to do your part go to and donate what you can for an amazing cause.
You should also follow Ralph on Twitter and Instagram @CakeBossRalph. He's great.